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Would you like to learn the real science to goal setting and achievement that will give you a massive advantage in your life and your business?

A study of America’s 100 fastest-growing companies, by Singularity University, found that every one of the companies surveyed used a version of flow-infused goals. 

It’s not your fault that you have missed some of your biggest goals.

You definitely can achieve your biggest objectives and dreams when you learn and apply a flow-infused goal-setting system.

Unfortunately, there is so much incomplete and inaccurate information about goal setting, taught by wanna-be guru's, that many people have learned improper attainment methods. This poor information causes people to miss out on reaping the immense benefits of achieving their most important ambitions.

If you have ever thought that there must be a better way to reach your goals - YOU ARE RIGHT! 

You definitely can make your biggest goals and dreams come true for yourself, your family, your business, or whatever.

In this interactive workshop, you will learn neuroscience-based goal setting and motivation.

This is like nothing you have ever experienced before.

This seminar will give you the master keys to achieving your biggest targets.

Best of all you can use these systems on every goal you set for the rest of your life.

Have you ever wondered why:

1. Your goals don’t come to fruition?

2. Your motivation and inspiration drop after you set your goals?

3. SMART goals don’t seem to work as advertised?

4. After you achieve a goal you gradually drift back to what you were doing before?

The answer is much simpler than you might imagine.

Unfortunately, many people have been given incomplete, and inaccurate information on how to properly set and attain their goals. Then, through no fault of their own, their goals actually work against them.

When our goals are unfulfilling or make we feel as if you are swimming against the current, we have simply used the wrong type of goal setting system.

Save yourself a massive amount of time and frustration in achieving your desires by attending this workshop.

What you will learn & what makes this workshop special.


How to achieve pristine clarity about what

you REALY want.

Systems that show you EXACTLY how to get

to the next level. 


Get your biology, and psychology to work

for you and not against you.

Learn the four main flow triggers that actually

accelerate up your goals.

Up Level Your Skills

Learn when you should and when should NOT to use SMART goals. 

Learn how and when to use flow-infused goal setting methods.


Small group mentorship to help you learn, grow, and achieve faster.

Learn to tune your brain and nervous system into a goal seeking machine. 

Basic Event Details  *Full Details Below


Dec, 2021

Goal Setting Seminar *Only 30 spots available*

  • December 18, 2021 
    From 9am to Noon 

  • BBSI Sandy - 75 W. Towne Ridge Parkway, Sandy, UT

    Cost: AMP Member - FREE 

                 Chamber or PMMA member - $47

                 Walk In - $199


    Brett Lechtenberg

    Flow state and peak performance expert

    Brett has been teaching goal setting, flow and peak performance methods for over two decades.  If you want the real truth about goal setting and attainment then don't miss this workshop. 


    Here is what just a few of Brett's clients have to say about his abilities to teach and train at the highest level. 

    Bill Schuffenhauer

    Olympic Silver Medalist and 3 X Olympian

    Brett knows flow, peak performance and goals.  I have been around a ton of business coaches and high level performers and Brett is a top tier trainer, teacher and coach.  

    Sam Beard

    Advisor to 8 US Presidents and Founder of CONNECT Universe. 

    In my lifetime I have had the opportunity to meet extraordinary people from around the world and Brett Lechtenberg is one of them.

    I love to collaborate with Brett on big ideas because he helps me get into FLOW."

    Matt Gibbons

    President Of Murray Chamber Of Commerce

    Brett is as good an instructor as I have been around.  His training methods and information is always cutting edge.  

    If you want to learn how to take your business to the next level with individual, or team training then Brett Lechtenberg is the person get on your team. 

    Sal Rossano

    Green Beret - Trauma Survival Specialist

    In my military career I had to perform in any conditions, at any given time, without fail.  If you want to learn that kind of mindset in business and building teams then Brett Lechtenberg is defiantly a person that I turn to help me with my goals and objectives. 

    Jerry Fontanez

    8 Time World Karate Champion

    Brett is one of my 300.  

    Just like Spartan's of old had to pick 300 to face down their foes who were no nonsense amazing people.  Brett is someone I turn to when I need to pick my 300. 

    John Nottingham

    President - Sword and Shield Security 

    I call Brett the "Trigger Man."  Brett has unique ability to see a problem, dissect that problem and then create a powerful, fast, solution for business owners and their staff.  

    When I want someone to come into my business and train my staff, Brett is who I call. 

    Upcoming Events


    Dec, 2021

    Goal Setting Seminar

  • December 18, 2021 
    From 9am to Noon 

  • BBSI Sandy - 75 W. Towne Ridge Parkway, Sandy, UT




    A.M.P. - Flow State & Performance Training

  • 8 am to 9am - Monday & Thursday

  • Zoom and Live

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    Inner Circle Mastermind



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    • Complete goal setting workshop

    • Comprehensive workbook

    • Snacks & drinks provided

    • Follow up sessions during training

    • Realignment training quarterly

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    • Complete goal setting workshop

    • Comprehensive workbook

    • Snacks & drinks provided

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    • Complete goal setting workshop

    • Comprehensive workbook

    • Snacks & drinks provided

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    You will learn cutting edge material that is being taught by some of the most trusted organizations around the world.

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