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Media Kit

Brett Lechtenberg is a nationally recognized expert on business and personal empowerment. His transformational skills including: entrepreneurial coaching; systems development and implementation; as well as personal mastery and family safety. Brett holds a 7th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and has used his martial arts school, Personal Mastery Martial Arts, as a laboratory for his personal development trainings, business systems and his philosophies on personal mastery and flow state management for 24 years. 

Through his businessess, comprehensive lecture series, motivational speaking and other courses, Brett has trained thousands of everyday people to empower themselves both physically and mentally, as they learn effective methods of personal empowerment.

Brett has appeared on Good Day Utah and Channel 13 and  4 news broadcasts. Brett has been a speaker and presenter for local chambers of commerce groups, schools, Exchange Clubs, Draper and Salt Lake City code enforcement officers, the Arizona State Process Servers Association, Delta Airlines, American Express, Citigroup and many more local community groups and churches

Brett is the author and creator of both Operation Limitless and The Anti-Bully Program.  Both are comprehensive programs that teach adults and/or children how to handle a variety of situations. These and his other books are available on Amazon and The Anti-Bully Program recently top the charts on Amazon.com and became a #1 Best Seller. Brett also produces a weekly web video blog with free anti-bully training for parents and children. He is also a Platinum level author on Ezine Articles.

Brett has recently been the featured guest on several media outlets includes the Keeping Our Kids Safe Radio show, Good Morning Lake Martin TV show, and a nationally sponsored webinar for the clients of Member Solutions. On each of these shows Brett gave tips to the viewers and listeners on how to handle bullying situations and structure anti-bully programs. Brett’s new, big project is his YouTube show which airs weekly. The show is called Living Safe and Empowered and it discusses anti-bully and other safety topics for parents and children.

Brett in the News and Activity in the Community

Brett is always extremely active in his community regardless of how busy his schedule is.   He is currently, or in the past was, a member of:

The Honorary Colonels – A civilian organization that supports the police department in a variety of positive endeavors.

The Masonic Fraternity – A fraternal organization dedicated to a variety of community and family causes.  Brett is a 32 degree, Scottish Rite, Master Mason.

The Sandy Exchange Club – A local body of the National Exchange Club.  The Exchange Club supports a variety of programs ranging from child abuse prevention to patriotism education.

Healthy Sandy Committee – A community group dedicated to improving the health and well being of all Sandy, Utah residents.

Brett is an entrepreneur and owns two businesses in the city of Sandy.   He owns Personal Mastery Martial Arts and the Personal Mastery Fitness in Sandy.  Through his businesses Brett, his staff, and his clients have raised over $250,000 dollars in cash, toys and other donations for local shelters, schools and people in need.


Brett has achieved such awards in his community as The Sandy Exchange Club’s Exchangeite of the Year, He was honored by the Police Department with both the Sam Dawson, the Dick Adair awards and he was featured on the local TV show Profiles in Caring.  All of these awards have come for his continued charity efforts.

You can find all of Brett’s press coverage on this website at under the newsroom tab.

A Sample of Brett's Training Programs and Courses

A Category Of One - How to position your put your business in a class by itself

This is the definitive marketing training program specifically designed for small business owners. 

Brett six module training program is a complete online training program with 11 video trainings and 6 dedicated workbooks on the exact details of how to effectively market your business. 

Entrepreneurial Freedom

This is a very special course for entrepreneurs that teaches the a proven step by step system for how to stop working IN their small business and start working ON their business.  

Owners learn such skills as how to:

Attract, hire, train and pay staff so they want to be real contributors to your team and not just use you and your business as a stepping stone.

The real secrets of time management that allow you to focus on growing your business, not being trapped in it.

Dynamic Staff Training

This one of a kind course teaches business owners the most effective methods for training staff that ensures they will contribute to your business and just show up an expect a paycheck. 

Owners learn such skills as how to:

How often to complete staff trainings

How to get staff to show up and want to be at trainings

How to systemize training so you can eventually have your team train themselves.

“The Anti-Bully Training Program”

is a straightforward comprehensive program that instructs parents how to quickly and effectively train their children how to deal with a bullying situation and gives parents a step by step plan of action on how to work with schools, teachers and others.

Sample of what is included in the program:

Book – 13 easy to follow videos – Comprehensive Information Organization System

“Classroom Safety Program”

is a teacher and student safety Screen program designed to protect against active shooters and other types of classroom safety issues.

Sample of what is in the program:

Book – LIVE training – Safety checklists for teachers and more

Lead from the Front

Leaders are created they are not born. However, most people do not know the proper methods for developing themselves or their staff into leaders. 

Owners learn such skills as how to:

How to accurately define and implement a leadership plan for your team to follow.

Develop your staff into a team of dedicated leaders.

Create a culture in your business that allows everyone to step up and take charge when and if the need arises. 

Brett's Background

Brett Lechtenberg has dedicated his life to researching, perfecting and teaching; Personal confidence, family safety and personal empowerment. Brett’s goal is to preserve and expand this unique system and enhance people’s lives with his powerful life skills, training techniques and lessons. His passion for inspiring others to unleash their potential has led him to have instructed thousands of men, women and children of all ages.

The following are a few of his many achievements:

  • Founder and creator of Operation Limitless. A straight forward method for teaching children and adults how to have unshakable self-confidence. 

  • Creator and lead trainer of “Active Shooter Survival.” A Straight forward training for surviving an active shooter incident.

  • Author of “Reclaiming The Clock.” Effective time management for a busy and chaotic world. 

  • Author of “The Entrepreneurs Blueprint.” A common sense guide to entrepreneurial success

  • Author of “Effective Goal Setting for Entrepreneurs”

  • Author of the Amazon #1 Best Seller ”The Anti-Bully Program” book and video training program for parents

  • Author of the Amazon #1 Best Seller “The Anti Cyber Bully” book and video training program for parents

  • Contributing author for the Amazon #1 Best Selling “Bullyproof: Unleash the Hero in Your Kid”

  • Founder of the Family Success Network

  • Author of the Total Success Goal Setting Workbook

  • Founder of Total Success Technologies and Personal Mastery Martial Arts

  • Creator of the “Personal Destiny” personal development training program

  • Creator of “Protecting Your Castle” The ultimate anti burglary program for homeowners or renters

  • Certified Family Protection specialist

  • Founder of the Break The Chain Foundation (non profit foundation for child safety)

  • 3 X graduate of the International Training Commission – Executive Protection school

  • Co Founder of Situational Response Training (SRT)

  • Graduate of Western Washington University – BA in Business Operations and a minor in economics

  • Awarded the Sam Dawson Award for charity work by the Honorary Colonels 2013

  • Sandy, Utah’s Exchangeite of the year for charity work in the community for 2005

  • Certified 7th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do

  • Certified 3rd Degree Black Belt in Hap Ki Do

  • Certified 2nd Degree Black Belt in Kenpo

  • Instructor of the year (2003) – International Tae Kwon Do Masters Association

  • Certified Tactical Master Instructor of CDT (Compliance Direction Takedown)

  • Certified Tactical Master Instructor of Last Resort Tactics

  • Assistant Coach for the US National Tae Kwon Do Demonstration Team –  

  • – – -World Championships – Hanmadang in Seoul South Korea 2011- – –

  • United States Tae Kwon Do Won State President for Utah 2004 & 2005

  • United States Tae Kwon Do Union State President for Utah 1999 and 2000

  • Kukkiwon letter of commendation in September 2000 and 2011 

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